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Should you be concerned of mould?

Mould is found everywhere. It’s when mould levels become elevated that it can pose health risks to individuals. You might consider having mould testing take place if you or your loved ones are showing symptoms or see visible mould. As Mould is found everywhere, testing determines the type of mould and levels present.

There are two different methods used for testing mould. If the mould is visible a swab test can be performed. This will determine the type of mould that is seen. More commonly used is an air quality test. This is typically used when the mould is not seen but suspected. This test can determine whether or not there are elevated levels of mould in your home or business as well as what types of mould are present.

If you have a suspicion of mould being present we can help. Our certified technicians and project managers can book a time to come out and evaluate the situation. If mould testing is required, we can immediately set up third party testing. Let us help get to the bottom of what you may be breathing.

Call (403) 510-2064 to have our certified project managers to get you started in the right direction.

Some possible symptoms of mould
• Respiratory issues,
• Itchy/scratchy eyes, ears, throat, skin
• Cold and Flu like symptoms
• Increase in asthma activity

Symptoms can be elevated depending on the time of year as well as the conditions in which you live. Dark basements usually have less circulation and can provide and environment that is positive for mould growth. If you suspect at all that you may be suffering from symptoms caused by mould, don’t wait to call. Call (403) 510-2064 to learn more about our Calgary mould removal service and have your home or business checked today.

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