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What customers are saying

Responsive and Reliable
CWF Services proved to be responsive and reliable throughout the entire process. I received daily updates from various members of the clean-up and repair crew. Also, CWF were flexible around our organization’s schedule while getting us back up and running in a timely manner. I recommend CWF if you are looking for an emergency response team that is reliable and affordable.
Jonathan Bateman

Peace of Mind
Thanks for your work on this project. It got off to such a bad start, but when you took over I was able to settle my mind. I liked working with you, and your care in selecting trade contractors with a view to good workmanship balanced with reasonable economy.
Best regards,
Ed and Judy D.

Fast Response
Pat took my call at 3:00 AM in the morning. They were working in my rental by 6:00 AM and the work was done in Airdrie.

Quality Work
When we share another’s burdens
Both of us walk straighter.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
F Buchner

Very Efficient
When my basement flooded you cleaned it up, dried it out and put it back faster than any of my neighbours.
Thanks Guys,
Denise L

Excellent Service
Hello Pat, thank you again for repairing our home after the sewer backed up. It has been four months since the flooding and several of our neighbours have still not got there repairs completed. Excellent job. .
Thanks Guys,
Barry and Joyce G

Excellent Service

Dear Calgary Water and Flood Services,  We wanted to thank you for your excellent job on containment, removal and clean up of the mould situation.  Although this kind of work is always obtrusive when one must live in the home during containment; however, we especially want to thank you for making this process as prompt, quick and as unobtrusive as possible!  I would also like to extend my gratitude to all the technicians that have worked on the room, they have been professional, respectful and above all did great work!  Thanks again to Calgary Water and Flood.

Dave A.  NW Calgary, AB 2015

Out of Town

Hi Pat!, Just wanted to take a minute and send you a note to thank you and your crew for looking after us with our basement flood last week!  Thanks so much for getting out to us quickly as we live in Langdon.  There are many Calgary based companies that won’t even come out that far!  Your crew was punctual and efficient showing up with all the equipment necessary to get the clean-up started….there was no ‘running back to the shop’, etc.  Thanks also for coordinating the repairs to the paint, carpet and baseboards! we appreciated the seamless service as it took the job of sourcing and coordinating trades to come in for the repairs out of our hands.  Thanks again for looking after us! Much appreciated.  All the Best,

Jay S.  Langdon, AB 2015

Economical Solutions

Pat, I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service your company provided after I had significant water damage in my basement bedroom.  I really appreciated that you made it a priority to get to me and get dryer work done, even though it was very busy time.  I also appreciated the time and effort your people put into assessing what caused the problem in the first place and what could be done to stop it from happening again.  The reconstruction work was beautifully done, and again, I appreciated your concern throughout for economical solutions.  You will certainly remain the compnay I call if I have any kind of water issues, and have already referred several people to you company.  Thanks again!

Terri M.  NE Calgary 2015

Chestermere Flooding

“Call Pat at Calgary Water and Flood”, my brother told us.  In July 2015 parts of Chestermere were flooded by nearly 9 inches of rain in just three hours.  Due to a simultaneous power outage and sewer backup our home was compromised by 5″ of contaminated water across our entire basement.  One of my brothers had been through this kind of thing just a couple years earlier and he phoned to give us some advice.  “Call Pat at Calgary Water and Flood”, he said.  So we did.  And we can’t imagine how different things would have been without their help. Pat and three of his staff were at our house in less than 40 minutes after the rain stopped.  Twenty minutes after that they had surveyed the damage and had developed and action plan.  They brought in a couple fans and dehumidifiers, and one fellow, Kobe, stayed behind to begin the clean up effort immediately while the others returned to their shop to gather more tools and equipment.  Kobe started by laying self adhesive plastic from our front door to the bottom of the basement stairs.  This plastic would remain in place for the duration of their service, to protect the main walkway from any damage as they came and went, and was thoroughly wiped down every day before they left.  Several other things were already in process as well.  Pat called and arranged a large disposal bin which would be delivered on Tuesday.  He also ordered a large storage container which would also sit on the driveway, a place to store all the salvageable  items from the basement.  They interfaced with our insurance company throughout the process to eliminate any chance of misunderstandings.  When power came back on our sump pump was able to drain the water within a couple of hours.  Kobe was already pulling up our ruined flooring and was hauling it upstairs and out onto our driveway, using large extra strength garbage bags to prevent dripping contaminated water as he went through the house.  By 4:00 PM Kobe had the flooring out of more than half the basement, had squeegeed the exposed concrete floor to speed up the drying process, and had begun to cut away some of the ruined drywall to allow for better airflow around the studs.  The next day, Monday, they removed the remainder of the flooring and ruined drywall, set up more fans and dehumidifiers, and sprayed the entire basement with decontaminating chemical.  Tuesday they removed all the salvageable items and secured them in the storage container, and arranged for a plumber to replace our failed water heater.  Wednesday they removed all the damaged items and placed them outside where the insurance company could inspect them before they went into the garbage bin.  By Wednesday night they were completely finished except for allowing the fans and dehumidifiers to keep working for another week to ensure the moisture was totally eliminated from the basement.  Nine days after the flood they removed all of their equipment and sprayed disinfectant one more time.  We are completely satisified with every aspect of Calgary Water and Flood’s efforts and I have no hesitation to recommend them to anyone who has a water event in their home.  There is absolutely no way that we could have cleaned up without their help.  We would have been weeks emptying the basement and would not have had the ability to properly decontaminate the space.  The service, care, compassion, understanding, guidance, advice, assistance, efficiency and effectiveness, and professionalism that Pat and his crew exhibited every minute throughout the entire job are beyond belief, and really did eliminate all our stress.  Like my brother told me, “Call Pat at Calgary Water and Flood!!”.

Ray and Debbie G.  Chestermere, AB 2015